Fake Locksmiths Shit-storm

Every couple of years the NY Times does a piece about the subject.

Every time this issue surfaces we see the same reactions:

Google has been doing a good job trying to keep the fraudulent locksmiths to a minimum.

This phenomenon isn’t just going to go away on it’s own, so buyer be ware:

Always double check on Yelp.com that the said business is legit, has been around long enough and has reviews from multiple users. ( you’re looking for a 4 stars average as a minimum ), most local businesses will be displayed on Yelp.

Check for a locksmith license and make sure the address on the invoice matches the name and address on the company’s website or ad.

Address On Car

(local companies would have the address displayed on the vehicle in most cases).

Check out our Yelp page with 5 star review average!

Take a few minutes to read the Times article on the subject.

Why we do what we do

Philosophy of service ( why we do what we do ):

The locksmith industry in America, and in particular, New York City, has a very bad reputation, and not without good reason.

There’s a lot of misleading information and not-so-honest marketing techniques going around out there by dishonest companies.

On one hand, a lot of these companies or dispatch centers will tell you exactly what you want to hear on the phone, while on the other hand, these same companies will do the exact opposite of what was agreed upon when they arrive for help.

These companies will use the old bait and switch methods by letting a customer think a specific service will cost a certain amount while actually charging seven or eight times more.

It is a truly reprehensible tactic, but that’s becoming the standard in the industry today.

When I first started in this industry, I worked for a locksmith company who implemented these dirty methods. This company would quote a costumer an intentionally low price on the phone – a price they had no intention to honor, and would then order the technician to hike up the price on site as high as possible.
It did not take long before I understood what type of people I was working for, and decided to go out on my own and establish a brand that was unlike these other companies – Metro NYC Locksmith.

Metro NYC Locksmith is a collaboration of vibrant, young and energetic professionals who share the same ideas, beliefs and values – that there is a better, more honest and cleaner way to do business while being a local locksmith in New York City.

This is why Metro Locksmith came to be, and why our Yelp reviews are amazing, proving that we do as we say, 100% of the time, day in and day out!

We believe in transparency and clarity with our costumers. As far as I’m concerned, it’s our core value. We believe that a FULL price for a specific job, project or service should be given prior to the job being done. We believe a locksmith company should have clear prices for cut-clean services on its Web site, and that if a price can’t be quoted over the phone, a general price that is close to reality should be given instead to a customer. We believe there is no room for ‘beginning prices’, ‘minimum prices’, or an asterisk next to any service on a ‘price list’, with a fine print so minuscule and hidden, most customers will never notice it.IMG_3371.( MVP pro key programmer by advanced diagnostic ).

We grew sick of those scams and dodgy techniques.
We believe in a different approach to locksmithing and security services – you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get quality, professional and courteous locksmith service.

We are definitely not the cheapest locksmith company out there, but I promise you this, we’re not the most expensive either.
What sets us apart, and what makes us different, is that with us, you’ll know exactly what you get every single time. If you’re looking for the cheapest service, Metro NYC Locksmith is not the best solution for you. But if honesty, quality, fair prices, and great craftsmanship are a priority for you, then you have come to the right place at Metro NYC Locksmith.

We will answer all of your questions patiently and with respect. We’ll email you an estimate or order your parts as soon as we can, as fast as humanly possible.
The idea is actually very simple – we’d like to treat you the way you would like to be treated yourself, because we expect others to treat us with the same respect and honesty that we’ve become accustomed to. These are some of the very basic elements of decent human behavior we seem to have lost along the way.

We won’t lose track of what is important, and we won’t get blindsided by money as we grow with more and more corporate accounts and new clients. We won’t forget WHY we started Metro NYC Locksmith to begin with – because we wanted to make a difference, and because we wanted to prove that there is another way that it can be done – honestly, with quality, fair prices, and great craftsmanship.  The Metro NYC Locksmith way.

If you’re a likeminded person, we invite you to join in on the fun.

Lost Car Key No Spare?

Must see, helpful, solid advice for drivers that dealing with a lost car key no spare situations. How you can save time, stress and money with some pointers about car key replacements.

How Will You Deal With a Lost Car Key No Spare Situation? Some Quick, Solid Advice That Makes A Lot of Sense:

The Best Policy and Some Interesting Research Data:
Being in a ‘lost car key no spare’ emergency is more than inconvenient; it can be an unexpected, very expensive investment that you may not be equipped to handle. How can you best prepare or buffer yourself for this type of emergency? Your best policy is to try to exercise care and common sense in avoiding the loss of the keys in the first place. Studies have shown that well over a quarter of all drivers have experienced a ‘lost car key no spare’ scenario, much to their chagrin. And in some areas, between 5 to 10 percent of car owners have been victim of car key theft, according to recent insurance provider studies.



How are drivers losing their keys?
What are the usual scenarios? Many people lose their car keys at work, others do so during shopping trips. Trips and journeys for tourism or visiting friends and family round out the normal list of scenarios where it most often happens. For female car owners, having their keys stolen from their purses or personal bags is a prevalent story.
New Technology and Expense:
Advancements in key and car security systems and electronics mean that now, more than ever before, if you are in a “lost car key no spare” emergency, it may be more expensive than ever to replace the missing keys and/or reprogramming the attendant locking and ignition starter technology in your car.




new car key nyc

Your Insurance Policy- Perhaps a Silver Lining You Didn’t Know About?
We recommend being very familiar with your car insurance policy from the get-go, and if possible, when setting up your insurance for your new car, make sure that costs associated with the replacement of a lost car key and or recoding or reprogramming or recoding of your car’s electronic locking system are addressed and covered under the policy you are paying for. After all, you want a policy that really protects you as the car owner, right?

car locksmith nyc
Work With a Reputable Locksmith. Head Off A Lost Key Emergency In Advance:
Better high level car servicers and auto locksmiths now offer key care recovery or replacement services. You register with the companies up front, provide them with the correct key coding and security info they need, so that if you are ever in a ‘lost car key no spare’ situation, your new key is already lined-up and waiting for you, and it can simply be delivered from your trusted auto locksmith services provider. Think and plan in advance so that you can take the bite out of any key emergency.


METRO local locksmith NYC

How to find a locksmith.

If you live in the Metro New York area, chances are you either needed a locksmith in the past or you’ll need one in the future.

Locksmiths in NYC comes dime a dozen, where ever you’ll spit you’ll find one and they all claim to be the best, the fastest, the cheapest and the most reliable.

In reality half of them are cons that aren’t licensed in any way and the other half doesn’t really open 24/7 like they advertise, and they are defiantly neither the cheapest nor the best.

On-line, in the phone book or via any other way, there are a few methods one should follow when searching for a locksmith in New York.

First make sure you’re using a reliable search engine, not all Google search results will come up as honest or even local.

When on the phone try to understand how much the job is going to be and don’t take “minimum” prices as guaranteed prices, also when on the phone or the web site try and understand where is the company located ( a street address would be good )     and whether or not they are licensed by the city ( DCA ) of New York, it’s the law, all locksmiths in NYC has to be licensed.

We at Metro Local Locksmith recommend you’ll check every locksmith with the local YELP data base, most reliable locksmith companies will have a YELP profile, this is ours:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/metro-local-locksmith-new-york-2

Bottom line is this: using a phony fake locksmith can be dangerous and risky for you and your family, luckily it is not has difficult to spot a phony locksmith that will try to rob you blind.

Metro Local Locksmith is a licensed provider of locksmith and security services in the city of New York,  on site upon request we’ll be proud to show you our license.

One our web site we try and give some friendly advises as of how to choose an honest locksmith ( not necessarily us (-: ) we strongly recommend you’ll go to this link and read our warning page !    tips for choosing the right locksmith.


14 W 90th st

New York, NY, 10024.

(646) 450-6320


Auto Locksmith NYC

Auto locksmith in NYC is Metro Local Locksmith.

It’s frustrating enough to lose your car key or lock it in the car, you don’t want to add to that the horrible feeling of getting reaped off.

Don’t let any locksmith work on your vehicle or provide you with emergency service, copies of your car keys should be only at your possession.    When an unlicensed locksmith makes your car key he can keep a copy for himself for later on.

Only Metro Local Locksmith will serve you right.      We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We carry in our inventory the most car keys and smart keys for the newer models.

New cars, old cars, out of the dealership cars and motorcycles we do it all 24/7 and for an affordable price.

Lost your car key or need a spare copy ? no problem we’ll beat any price and come to your door step ( or your car door step ) at any time of the day or night.

There is no need to have your auto towed to the dealership, no need to pay for the tow and especially no need to wait for the dealer to order the parts and pay harm and a leg for a new car key, even if it’s a new car.

Unfortunately some locksmith companies out there will quote you a very low price over the phone, just to get your business.

Don’t fall for the old switch and bait trick.

Always ask the full price over the phone and not just the starting price or the “minimum price”.

Learn more about this growing problem of fake locksmiths that aren’t licensed and aren’t local.   Check our nationwide locksmith scam warning page right here WARNING – LOCKSMITH SCAM

So if you’re in a mess, don’t get scammed by thieves and cons, call us at Metro Local Locksmith and get your car keys back in no time without risking your safety neither your pocket.

14 W 90th st, ste# 1A.

New York, NY,10024.

Phone: (646) 450-6320



Locksmith NYC

When in need of a locksmith in New York City, one may have some difficulties knowing who to choose.

It may seem like a simple decision but it’s far from the truth.

If the safety of your family is a top priority for you, do not risk your apartment and loved ones at the hands of any company other then Metro Local Locksmith.

We are Licensed, insured and experienced.

In New York City no one will beat neither our response time nor our great prices.

So if you really want a professional service at an affordable price even if it’s an emergency service,  call us at Metro Local Locksmith.

We will be at your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fact that our vehicles equipped with a large inventory of locks and cylinders in all styles and finishes, enables our technicians to solve your problem right the first time every time.

Usually we will solve your emergency at the first visit so you know we take your security and time seriously.

When you need a locksmith in NYC call Metro Local Locksmith.

14 W 90th st, ste# 1A.

New York, NY,10024.

Phone:             (646) 450-6320



24 Hour Locksmith NYC.

Here’s a scenario : it’s late at night, you are about to enter your building on the upper west side, let’s say 81st & Amsterdam,  you reach to your pocket or bag and then you realize you don’t know where your keys are.

You can’t remember if you’ve left them in the apartment when you left in the morning and slammed the door shut or if you’ve lost them some where during the day.

It doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is that you won’t make costly mistakes right now.

The next instinctive step would be to go online either from a laptop, a tablet or your smart phone ( if you are in new york it’s probably an Iphone (-; ).  you are about to see a lot of companies on line, you gonna call a few and you’ll look at their websites.

Even though your’e panicking right now because it’s late and your first response is to call the first locksmith you see, try to control yourself ( you see it’s not that hard ), because here it’s when it may get a little tricky.

When on the phone you’ll be able to notice something is wrong when the dispatch ( who’s NOT a locksmith ), will not give you neither an address where the company’s office is located nor a solid price for the job in question.

What you’ll here would be something a long these lines: ” it’s a $15 service call to get a tech to you and labor starts at $15 and up “.  –  hang up the phone, it’s a scam that will cost you hundreds of dollars and will put your property at risk.

A local locksmith, a licensed locksmith, an honest and experienced locksmith will know exactly what needs to be done and how much it should cost you at any giving hour of the day or the night.

An honest and reliable locksmith will tell you what’s is DCA locksmith license number is and what’s the company’s address in new york.

It’s very sad but many so called “locksmith” companies on line are actually call centers with dispatchers located on a different state sometimes even a different country altogether.

These companies will hire subcontractors that aren’t licensed locksmith in any way and will send them to unlock your apartment or to change your locks, these individuals get paid a percentage of the job so it’s in their best interest to charge as much as they can.

And who is paying for the scam your’e asking ?  well isn’t it clear ?   you are !!!

This is how a $15 service call plus $15 and up for parts and labor becomes a $350 lock out job.

So what i’m trying to say is actually very simple ( it’s always is (-:), use your common sense, it’s not that complicated, the signs are pretty clear.     if it looks and sounds too good to be true, it’s usually because it is.

Not all locksmith companies that advertise on line are fake and not all of them will try to scam and reap you off ( aren’t you lucky ? ) but most of them will, so be very careful and try not to step in the trap, it’s stress full enough to be locked out you don’t need to get reaped off as well. ( right ? ).

When the time comes ( and it will ) and you need a reliable locksmith in new york city, one that works 24 hours and he is actually local and licensed, give us a call at (646) 450-6320,   (877) LOCKS-20 or check us out on line http://www.metrolocallocksmith.com

You don’t have to call us ( even though we’re super cool ), just make sure you know who it is that your’e calling and get a price over the phone and not $15 and up B.S

Don’t say should have, could have, would have.  it’s too little too late afterwords.

So try not to lose your keys to begin with (-;

And always remember ” when you need a locksmith…   Metro Local Locksmith!!!”

14 W 90th st, ste# 1A.

New York,NY,10024.

(646) 450-6320