AAA Releases Some Interesting Numbers:

AAA Announces Surprisingly High Statistic On Number of Stranded Drivers to be Rescued During the Holidays. Large Number of Drivers expected to be in “Lost Car Key No Spare” Situations:

With the summer holiday driving season now in full swing since Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and leading into the upcoming Father’s Day and the July 4th holiday weekends, AAA expects they will help some 10 million stranded motorists over the summer season. Even more surprising is that AAA expects a large number (almost 100,000) of motorists will require assistance due to having a “lost car key no spare” situation on their hands. In addition to helping these drivers dealing with such a “self-inflicted” problem as key loss, the motor club will be helping thousands with battery replacements, flat tires, and on the spot jump starting emergencies and towing assistance ranging from stalled or stopped vehicles to after-accident car removal. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day (used as the traditional beginning and ending markers of the Summer driving season), AAA expects it will aid nearly 10 million car owners.


Some Common Sense – The Biggest Headaches Are the Most Easily Avoided:

Perhaps the most frustrating of all of the types of roadside headaches that are expected to afflict summer motorists are the types of problems resulting from the direct negligence of the driver’s themselves.   Most prevalently, these scenarios related directly to poor maintenance upkeep habits on the part of car owners who are undertaking long trips with inadequately maintained vehicles. “Whether traveling or near home, the best way to avoid your vehicle leaving you stranded is with a little preventative maintenance,” said John Nielsen, AAA director of auto repair and buying services. “Taking care of your vehicle now can not only prevent the hassle of a breakdown, but also can cost far less than a major repair that might be needed if vehicle upkeep is ignored.”   That being said, the most easily avoided type of summer road hassle (lost car keys) can be proactively remedied by keeping better care of your car keys and in being sure to maintain a spare key so that you can avoid being in a “lost car key no spare” emergency.


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AAA Works Closely With Your Local Trusted Locksmiths:

Should AAA member drivers wind up in a “lost car key no spare” emergency, they will be able to call AAA directly who will assist in coordinating affiliated and registered auto locksmiths who can respond and deliver new replacement or reprogrammed smart keys appropriate for the make and model of the affected vehicles.


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Lost Car Key No Spare?

Must see, helpful, solid advice for drivers that dealing with a lost car key no spare situations. How you can save time, stress and money with some pointers about car key replacements.

How Will You Deal With a Lost Car Key No Spare Situation? Some Quick, Solid Advice That Makes A Lot of Sense:

The Best Policy and Some Interesting Research Data:
Being in a ‘lost car key no spare’ emergency is more than inconvenient; it can be an unexpected, very expensive investment that you may not be equipped to handle. How can you best prepare or buffer yourself for this type of emergency? Your best policy is to try to exercise care and common sense in avoiding the loss of the keys in the first place. Studies have shown that well over a quarter of all drivers have experienced a ‘lost car key no spare’ scenario, much to their chagrin. And in some areas, between 5 to 10 percent of car owners have been victim of car key theft, according to recent insurance provider studies.



How are drivers losing their keys?
What are the usual scenarios? Many people lose their car keys at work, others do so during shopping trips. Trips and journeys for tourism or visiting friends and family round out the normal list of scenarios where it most often happens. For female car owners, having their keys stolen from their purses or personal bags is a prevalent story.
New Technology and Expense:
Advancements in key and car security systems and electronics mean that now, more than ever before, if you are in a “lost car key no spare” emergency, it may be more expensive than ever to replace the missing keys and/or reprogramming the attendant locking and ignition starter technology in your car.




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Your Insurance Policy- Perhaps a Silver Lining You Didn’t Know About?
We recommend being very familiar with your car insurance policy from the get-go, and if possible, when setting up your insurance for your new car, make sure that costs associated with the replacement of a lost car key and or recoding or reprogramming or recoding of your car’s electronic locking system are addressed and covered under the policy you are paying for. After all, you want a policy that really protects you as the car owner, right?

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Work With a Reputable Locksmith. Head Off A Lost Key Emergency In Advance:
Better high level car servicers and auto locksmiths now offer key care recovery or replacement services. You register with the companies up front, provide them with the correct key coding and security info they need, so that if you are ever in a ‘lost car key no spare’ situation, your new key is already lined-up and waiting for you, and it can simply be delivered from your trusted auto locksmith services provider. Think and plan in advance so that you can take the bite out of any key emergency.


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Car Locksmith Upper West Side Blog

  Reasons You should Choose a Professional Car Locksmith

While panic is the first thing that seems to set in when most of us realize that we have misplaced or broken our only set of car keys, the truth of the matter is that situation can still be very much under control if you join forces with a Upper West Side locksmith. There are many reasons to hire the services of a professional car locksmith in the Upper West Side, some which can truly save the day. Here are some reasons to hire the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 1.     Only professional locksmiths can successfully pick a lock without committing any damage to the vehicle in question.

Picking the lock of a car is something that requires skill and years of experience and expertise. This is something that only a trained professional in the business can achieve without doing any damage to you vehicle. Reputable auto locksmiths can gain entry to almost any vehicle by picking a lock. So the next time you lock your car keys inside your vehicle choose the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 2.     Key cutting services have become very complex but professional car locksmiths are on the ball.

The latest car electronic systems have become very complex and require the skilled hands of a professional locksmith to deal with them. The trick to key cutting is not just the process itself, but also the fact that the chips must be programmed not to interfere with the motor of the vehicle. Most Upper East Side locksmiths possess the proper equipment and skill required to deal with key cutting in newer cars. One of the most affordable options to a replacement set of keys is to hire the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 3.     Your car will be protected from theft and vandalism.

If you have lost your car keys and can’t seem to find them, or if you need an extra set of car keys made, the very best option would be to hire a professional car locksmith on the Upper East Side. These locksmiths will ensure that the new set of keys they create are the ones that work in your vehicle. They will also wipe out all the older keys from the database of your car to insure your car’s safety, protection of your property, and your peace of mind.

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Roll down gates

Allmost every store front in the city of new york have a roll down gate in front of it, what we call a ” roll down store front gate “.

Some of these gates have an engine, others are manual, with or without an electronic key-switch, but all of them with no exceptions will stop work at some point.

When that happens you don’t really know what’s going on, the only thing you do know is that if you can’t open your gate you can’t open you store and make money, there are many different reasons for why a roll down store front gate will stop working, it can be the chain or the engine, the spring at the top of the mechanism or the links in the gate it self that got frozen stuck.

Imagen your store has to stay open for the night ( fully exposed ) because you can’t get your rolling gate down to lock it!

Luckily you have the guys at Metro Local Locksmith on your side 24/7 in manhattan and the 5 boroughs, when you call us ( day or night ) you get a pro locksmith to answer the phone ( not a dispatch who knows nothing about locks and gates ), we will give you a free estimate over the phone of what we think the problem is and we’ll be there to fix it same day ( or night ).

If the problem is a part replacement, a part we don’t have and/or can’t get during the weekend or night time, we will get your gate to a position where it can be rolled up or down ( what ever you need ) so that you can operate it and lock or unlock your business, we will get the necessary parts for you the day after and complete the job the right way if we can’t complete it the same day for some reason.

So give us a call at Metro Local Locksmith today, we’ll save you time and money.

14 w 90th st.

New york, NY, 10024.

(646) 450 6320

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When looking for a locksmith on the upper west side of Manhattan you may find it is harder then it seems.

Locksmiths in New York City especially on the upper west and upper east side comes dime a dozen.

There are so many options, some of them are unlicensed, inexperience and quit frankly just shady as hell.

We at Metro Local Locksmith always recommend you’ll ask for a locksmith license while on the phone with the locksmith, when possible go to YELP and check for the company’s info and costumers reviews of the business.

As always when in a need for a locksmith on the upper west side ( 10023, 10024, 10025 ) give us a call, you’ll be glad you did.

(646) 450-6320


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At Metro Local Locksmith we are you one stop shop when it comes to store front gates, glass doors, rolling gates with or without key switch and an engine.

Weather if it’s a fix or maintenance, new installation or engine change we can accommodate any size job at a moments notes.

Not every locksmith company that says they do metal gates and rolling gates are actually professionals who know what they’re doing.

Don’t compromise your store’s safety with shady workmanship, a store front gate is an heavy thing and should not be treated lightly.

Give us a call (646) 450 6320 before your gate stops working and it’s too late.


Acura Honda replacement smart key

Newer model Acura and Honda vehicles are using a new transponder system in order to access and start the car, 2012, 2013 and 2014 vehicles have a smart key system with a proximity smart key.

That software is new to the market and require additional plug ins and purchasing of the software.

At Metro Local Locksmith we are equipped with the latest auto programming software and adapters, We can program any remote head key or smart key of Honda and Acura all the way up to 2014.

Our 24 hour car and auto locksmith service is one of the few in the New York City area that is capable of programming the push to start smart key of Acura and Honda on the spot.

We make sure we stay on top of every thing in the automotive and transponder key programming industry so that you don’t have to worry about it.

So if you need a spare key, remote head key or a proximity smart key to your new Honda or Acura vehicle, give us a call at (646) 450 6320 and we’ll be there with in less then an hour anywhere in the metro New York area.

So give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did.

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