Your security new year’s resolution

We all know it, right after christmas you start and rethink the year that’s about to go in books.

That week between christmas and new years, resolution week: yea right, you’re gonna go to the gym, stop eating junk and drink more water.

These decisions typically last 3-4 days on January.

So why don’t you make simpler resolutions it’ll be easier to keep.

From the people who brought you #lockthefuckup we bring you:

Security and locksmith resolutions for the new year:

  1. That’s the most important one so pay attention, this year you’ll only call us at Metro Locksmith (646) 450-6320.
  2. On this new year you’ll make a spare key to your car Before you’ll lose it.
  3. You’ll change that crapy lock on your apartment’s door you’ve been contemplating to change since you’ve moved in 3 years ago.
  4. This year you’ll make a copy of your apartment’s door Before you’ll lose it.
  5. Install that video camera system you’ve been saying you’ll install for a year now, your business security is no joke buddy.
  6. 2016 will be the year in which you will never loose your key.
  7. Make a habit of checking your pockets frequently ignored to make sure you’ve got it.

New year, new you new decisions.

Have a great year,


How to not get locked out

It sounds easy enough right ? Well, it isn’t.

If you take into account that ironically  most people have their spare set of keys either in their apartment or in their car, it starts to make perfect sense.

The fact that you’ve lost your keys, and your spare ( if you even have one ) is in your apartment behind a locked door doesn’t really help you right ?

Same thing happens when you’ve accidentally locked your main set of house or car keys in the car, and your other single most important spare key to your car is where ?  Exactly, it’s in your glove compartment or center counsel INSIDE your locked vehicle.

So having a spare key doesn’t always yield salvation!

Here are some tips from us to you ( the residents of the upper west side ):

  1. Always lock your apartment or car door with the actual key ( than you know for a fact you have it and it’s not locked inside ), instead of using the push button or the self auto lock function on the door.
  2. Make a habit of touching your pockets ( only your pockets buddy, don’t get any funny ideas here ),   and feel your keys, phone and wallet very now and then or whenever you get up and move from place to place during the day.
  3. Spare key (maybe that should’ve been #1 ), make sure you have one!
  4. After making that desired spare key make sure you’re placing it in a logic place, one which you’ll remember and have access to when time comes.
  5. If you choose to leave a spare key with a friend or a neighbor than obviously make sure you trust them fully and that they are around most of the time or at least when you think you’ll need them.
  6. Don’t wait until it’s too late, if your lock or key gives you a hard time don’t wait for tomorrow, deal with it now, replacing your cylinder on your apartment door lock or making a new spare key instead of your old worn off one takes very little time and it’s almost effortless not to mention relatively cheap, if you do wait until it’s too late than you might find the hard way that a locksmith emergency trip to your place on the upper west side ( or any other neighborhood in the city for that matter ), is going to cost you much MUCH more than it would’ve to take the necessary steps ignored to avoid this ordeal in the first place, so don’t be lazy.
  7. When braking the old pattern and doing things you wouldn’t usually do on a daily basis like taking a road trip, a vacation or even scheduling an unexpected urgent meeting in your daily schedule, make sure you pay EXTRA attention to where your keys are.

No doubt i can find two more tips for you but I’ll leave it empty for educational prepuces, its up to you to figure it out.

There are quit a few things you can and should do in order to make you’re not just hanging there when time comes, but if all else fails stay come and Metro Locks!



(Spare car key).


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Car locksmith NYC


Metro Local Lock smith  Car and Automotive Security Services are the specialists in providing superior auto locking services to car owners, mechanics, motor enthusiasts and repairers. We specialise in Automotive Lock repair and service and can recode and repair car door locks and ignitions.

It’s difficult to find an expert car locksmith in NYC during odd hours. is one of the few businesses that offers comprehensive auto locksmith solutions.

Car Locksmith Upper West Side Blog

  Reasons You should Choose a Professional Car Locksmith

While panic is the first thing that seems to set in when most of us realize that we have misplaced or broken our only set of car keys, the truth of the matter is that situation can still be very much under control if you join forces with a Upper West Side locksmith. There are many reasons to hire the services of a professional car locksmith in the Upper West Side, some which can truly save the day. Here are some reasons to hire the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 1.     Only professional locksmiths can successfully pick a lock without committing any damage to the vehicle in question.

Picking the lock of a car is something that requires skill and years of experience and expertise. This is something that only a trained professional in the business can achieve without doing any damage to you vehicle. Reputable auto locksmiths can gain entry to almost any vehicle by picking a lock. So the next time you lock your car keys inside your vehicle choose the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 2.     Key cutting services have become very complex but professional car locksmiths are on the ball.

The latest car electronic systems have become very complex and require the skilled hands of a professional locksmith to deal with them. The trick to key cutting is not just the process itself, but also the fact that the chips must be programmed not to interfere with the motor of the vehicle. Most Upper East Side locksmiths possess the proper equipment and skill required to deal with key cutting in newer cars. One of the most affordable options to a replacement set of keys is to hire the services of a professional locksmith.

  1. 3.     Your car will be protected from theft and vandalism.

If you have lost your car keys and can’t seem to find them, or if you need an extra set of car keys made, the very best option would be to hire a professional car locksmith on the Upper East Side. These locksmiths will ensure that the new set of keys they create are the ones that work in your vehicle. They will also wipe out all the older keys from the database of your car to insure your car’s safety, protection of your property, and your peace of mind.

METRO –  locksmith upper west side

Acura Honda replacement smart key

Newer model Acura and Honda vehicles are using a new transponder system in order to access and start the car, 2012, 2013 and 2014 vehicles have a smart key system with a proximity smart key.

That software is new to the market and require additional plug ins and purchasing of the software.

At Metro Local Locksmith we are equipped with the latest auto programming software and adapters, We can program any remote head key or smart key of Honda and Acura all the way up to 2014.

Our 24 hour car and auto locksmith service is one of the few in the New York City area that is capable of programming the push to start smart key of Acura and Honda on the spot.

We make sure we stay on top of every thing in the automotive and transponder key programming industry so that you don’t have to worry about it.

So if you need a spare key, remote head key or a proximity smart key to your new Honda or Acura vehicle, give us a call at (646) 450 6320 and we’ll be there with in less then an hour anywhere in the metro New York area.

So give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did.

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New York, NY, 10024.

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Car lockout locksmiths

We all know that sound when you slam your car door and as the door slam locks behind you you realize you’ve locked your only set of keys in the car.

Frustration and hopeless ! that’s pretty much some’s it up, your keys are right there, you can practically see them through the window.

No don’t break your window and yes calling a locksmith is the right thing to do.

The right “auto locksmiths” for the job are  Metro Local Locksmith.

We will be there at your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the Metro New York area no one will serve your car better or faster then us.

Don’t get scammed, don’t break a window and don’t tow to the dealership, your car can be opened in a matter of minuets.

At metro local locksmith we offer flat rates for car lockout situations any where in New York City.

Check out our YELP profile so you can REALLY see who you are dealing with.

So for what ever reason you have, call us today at metro local locksmith and we’ll serve your car locks and ignition lock the right way and for the right price.

We do right by our clients and they call us again and again!

So give us a call today, you’ll be glad you did.


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Locksmith Upper West Side NY

A spare key for your car may seem like a luxury but when you really need one it can be a very expensive and unpleasant experience.

Getting a spare key for your car when you have a working key is much cheaper then getting one when you have no working keys.

When having no keys at all  you are more vulnerable and your options are limited, you can either call a locksmith who would have to come to you or you can tow your car to the dealer who would charge you harm and a leg for new keys and you have to pay for the towing .

A locksmith can make you a spare key for your vehicle even a chipped one with a transponder transmitter for a very low price.

So call Metro Local Locksmith before you’ve lost the only set of keys you’ve  got, we will come to you for no charge, duplicate your existing key and program it if necessary.

Call or click today and see for yourself how much time and money our automotive locksmith service can save you.

When you need a locksmith…      Metro Local Locksmith.

Give us a call today…   you’ll be glad you did !!!

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