Auto Locksmith NYC

Auto locksmith in NYC is Metro Local Locksmith.

It’s frustrating enough to lose your car key or lock it in the car, you don’t want to add to that the horrible feeling of getting reaped off.

Don’t let any locksmith work on your vehicle or provide you with emergency service, copies of your car keys should be only at your possession.    When an unlicensed locksmith makes your car key he can keep a copy for himself for later on.

Only Metro Local Locksmith will serve you right.      We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We carry in our inventory the most car keys and smart keys for the newer models.

New cars, old cars, out of the dealership cars and motorcycles we do it all 24/7 and for an affordable price.

Lost your car key or need a spare copy ? no problem we’ll beat any price and come to your door step ( or your car door step ) at any time of the day or night.

There is no need to have your auto towed to the dealership, no need to pay for the tow and especially no need to wait for the dealer to order the parts and pay harm and a leg for a new car key, even if it’s a new car.

Unfortunately some locksmith companies out there will quote you a very low price over the phone, just to get your business.

Don’t fall for the old switch and bait trick.

Always ask the full price over the phone and not just the starting price or the “minimum price”.

Learn more about this growing problem of fake locksmiths that aren’t licensed and aren’t local.   Check our nationwide locksmith scam warning page right here WARNING – LOCKSMITH SCAM

So if you’re in a mess, don’t get scammed by thieves and cons, call us at Metro Local Locksmith and get your car keys back in no time without risking your safety neither your pocket.

14 W 90th st, ste# 1A.

New York, NY,10024.

Phone: (646) 450-6320



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