Replacement Car Keys

It’s a very frustrating moment when you realize you’ve lost your car keys.

You know you had them a minute a go and now they are gone.

In New York City or the Metro area there is no need to stress yourself out,  our auto locksmith services are built and designed specifically for that reason.

At Metro Local Locksmith we will be there for you day or night, we can make you a new replacement car key from scratch regardless of your car’s year, make and model.

Replacement car keys with chips ( transponder ), without chips, high security laser cut style or smart keys with remote push to start or a key fob, we do it all on the spot at the same visit and on the same hour ( day, night or weekend ).

With Metro Local Locksmith what you hear is what you get, we do as we say, many other companies will quote you a very low price for replacement car key and when the locksmith would arrive on site the price and the B.S would jump up, way up, at Metro Local Locksmith we do not play this game, what you hear on the phone is what you get in the field when the locksmith arrives.

So the bottom line goes a little bit like this…

Try not to lose your car keys to begin with, but if you did, just call us at Metro Local Locksmith and we will take care of you straight away.

14 W 90th st, ste# 1A.

New York, NY,10024.

(646) 450-6320



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